The Beginning

I suffer from being extremely pessimistic and cynical when it comes to relationships. I, just as everyone else in the world, have been dealt quite a few less than desirable hands and now am doomed to forever assume the worst and create issues that do not necessarily exist. I posses an incessant fear of being abandoned and if I am unable to properly, and thoroughly, communicate I will drive myself insane, and more often than not, the person I have feelings for.

I have the need to know everything. My mind does not sit well with the unknown and “go with the flows”. I want to know intentions and thoughts and facts. This has brought me nothing but grief and continuous self kicks in the a**. Many failed relationships (which are better off as such but grueling during the ending process) and days of getting lost in my own anxiety have crossed my path.

My mind is also very divided. I have an extremely rational, blunt, side that can be completely stoic and harsh, yet true. I can always tell myself what needs to be done and why; the following through with my own advice is where I battle myself.

During one of my sarcastic mental rants of being fed up with how people are and the humor than can be found within ridiculous eggshell games, I came up with The Art of Being Pleasant. These are simple rules that are very true and highlight how asinine people allow personal interactions to be. Facetious.

There will most likely be posts between these rules of daily encounters, but for the most part I hope my audience finds humor, and can indulge, in my sarcastic insight.


About nichole43

Many levels of emotions and stoic rationality. Eclectic and and all around pleasure
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