Rule Number Two:

Just say okay with a smile, if possible, if you don’t like something.

Let’s be honest. When someone tells you something, they don’t want an argument. They don’t want to hear that you disagree with them. They don’t want to know if it hurts you or makes you angry. They really only want to know if you completely agree with them. 

You will find the reactions you get from people are far more pleasant if you just say okay than if you respond with true feelings. Even if you are dying on the inside, it is most important to appear agreeable to those around you. This will prevent further heartache. People like to get their way, and people like to feel like they don’t negatively effect anyone with any selfish or not selfish act they do. 

Hold it all in. Smile and nod.


About nichole43

Many levels of emotions and stoic rationality. Eclectic and and all around pleasure
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